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[The cuteness of the Zodiac at the beginning of love ]

Aries: There is no way to control their emotions.

Taurus: His IQ suddenly becomes lower, even his ego does, too. 

Gemini: become more of a listener rather than a talker. 

Cancer: The soul becomes weak, and there is not a bit of cautious or calculated personalities.

Leo: When there is not enough courage, he will find love to boost up his energy (Imagine this: Normally, your cat avoid you, suddenly one day, she just jumps on your lap and coddle. *too cute, right?* 
Virgo: will take care of everything about you (OR you little by little).

Libra: will be sitting all day to ask themselves and their friends if they are truly in love (yourself and your friends if you really love?)

Scorpio: They are already dreaming of “a house and the kids” ( Little scorpio love very sincerely ^ ^)

Sagittarius: cancel all appointment with his friends just to stay at home texting with you. 

Capricorn: use sweet talking with many lovey dovey words (but later on, no matter how hard you try to make him do so, not one of those romantic words will be composed again =. =)

Aquarius: take you everywhere to “show off” to their friends.

Pisces: will keep counting sheeps at night but are still awake. 

Translator: Cryer Scorpio / Beta Reader: Jeanne – Translator Team MN12CS
Source: ZoroCode – Mật Ngữ 12 Chòm Sao

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